Strane Dizioni – Siebdrucke aus Italien

9 / 10 / 2018

11. Oktober bis 10. November 2018

Ausstellungseröffnung, Donnerstag, 11. Oktober, 19 Uhr

Über 400 Siebdrucke als Plakate, Poster, Grafiken, Bücher, Zines von einem der engagiertesten und produktivsten unabhängigen Drucker und Verleger Italiens

Strane Dizioni is an independent italian publisher, specialized in 100% silkscreened and handbound books and posters. Strane Dizioni is one of the most fresh and innovative independent Italian labels. They work with screen printing, make books, zines...all handmade until the last detail. Who has had the good luck of reading a publication will not forget the pleasant touch of paper and printing, the smell of the ink and the fineness of execution. During its 10 years Strane Dizioni had the chance to re-produce artworks by Henning Wagenbreth, BlexBolex, Igor Hofbauer, Sophia Martinek, Nora Krug, Jesse Jacobs, Tomi Um, Paper Resistance, Céline Guichard, Sarah Mazzetti among others.