Kiosks and Screens of Silk

10 / 4 / 2017

Renowned London Illustrator Paul Davis shows a series of screen prints and original drawings.

April 20 – May 6, 2017

Opening Thursday, April 20, 7pm

Paul Davis also presents his work at the Medienhaus Lectures, Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin-Schöneberg, Grunewaldstr. 2-5, Aula, Wednesday, April 19, 6pm

Kiosks, counters or desks are the inspiration for Davis’s next show which comprises limited edition silkscreen prints.

Being at a kiosk is mostly frustrating: the waiting - where have they gone? The misunderstanding - will my card work? The personality clash. The misery - until it’s proved otherwise as you’re surprisingly and joyfully upgraded to first class. They create a mental state; the outcome is unknown, it could go one way or the other. If it goes smoothly, it’s never mentioned again. If it goes badly, you tell everyone how stupid the world is and how nothing works: “I was at this kiosk this morning and I couldn’t BELIEVE what happened. I could have screamed…”

The kiosks themselves are silent helpers (apart from the ones with a crackling microphone/speaker system) and sit there doing their jobs, a small piece of architecture within architecture: security desks, receptions, post office counters, check-ins, travel centres (airport paranoia), government departments, buffets, gallery desks, food.

Davis thinks they’re almost holy in their power to bring reluctant people together: usually perfect strangers, one side demanding something, the other side paid to be reticent. He sees the enormous potential for happiness (but mostly gloom) so he set out to draw them, to make them up, to understand them more, to celebrate the psychology, to embrace the lowly kiosk because they affect us all.

It’s not their fault - it’s ours.

©Paul Davis 2017